HP Printer Sales, Service & Repairs.

Document Services Australia is proud to offer sales, service & repairs of HP products to Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. With support from local distributors and then becoming a HP Gold Reseller we have continued to supply HP products to local businesses throughout the region and will strive to provide excellent service to our new clients. Call our office today to talk with of our friendly staff members to discuss how a HP printer or multifunction can help save your home or office time and money.  


Brother Photocopier & Printer Sales, Service & Repairs Special.

Now offering Brother printer and photocopier specials Australia wide. Brother printer and photocopier sales, service and repairs. We stock genuine toner and supplies at our warehouse and will most likely have the part or consumable you require in stock. If in the unlikely chance we don't have the supply in stock we will let you know how fast we can get it to you. 


Benefits of Laser Printers

Laser printers use toner powder rather than ink fluid to produce a print, we will show you why this can have its benefits and other benefits of a laser printer over an inkjet printer.

Toner Cartridge for Laser Printer

1. Toner Cartridges

Firstly lets look at the toner cartridge on a laser printer.

You will more often then not find a toner cartridge will print more pages / have a higher yield then your average ink cartridge meaning you have to replace them less. They are normally more expensive to buy outright initially but the CPP (Cost Per Print) is what you truly need to pay attention to.

A middle of the road toner cartridge may have a yield of 2,500 prints... in comparison to a middle of the road inkjet printer that may only get around 800 prints (and cost you more!)

Here is a quick price example of a toner cartridge and ink cartridge comparison on two $600 colour multifunction printers.

HP Colour LaserJet Pro M477DW found online around $600 Black Toner $205 @ 6,500 prints

HP Officejet Pro X476dw also found around $600 Black Ink $115 @ 3,000 prints

2. Maintenance

Laser printers have four main consumables toner cartridges, drum units, a transfer belt and a fuser unit. With the units such as a transfer belt and fuser unit typically being replaced at a much longer interval then a toner cartridge. Most printer issues such as print quality deterioration, smudging and lines on prints and copies are easy to troubleshoot by eliminating the cause from each part.

3. Paper Jams

Getting a paper jam in a laser printer is really no big deal. Because laser printers are typically designed for the office environment and handle a larger print volume, they are expected to jam occasionally. Most laser printer models give you the ability to take out the major components of your machine easily. Making removing even the toughest of paper jams seem quite easy.

4. Duty Cycle & Shelf Life

With laser printers using a toner powder for the consumable and not an ink fluid you will have zero issues leaving your printer off for months at a time. No leaked ink cartridges or dried print heads in sight. All you need to do is give your paper tray rollers a quick clean as you can experience paper jams from dust on the roller if it has been sitting for some time.

5. Pint Speed

Last on the list is print speed, as it isn't a large factor in a lot of consumers decision making process. But, for those of you that speed matters a laser print might be your only choice. Because there is no 'drying time' on a laser printer you can get a much faster print output speed, with most entry level laser printers offering a standard 20 pages minute print speed.


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How to find out your Ink / Toner yields.

The “Yield” is the amount of prints produced by the device or consumable. Each ink and toner cartridge will have an “average print yield” this is normally worked out at 5% coverage of ink & toner on the page. Most modern printers will have a display or function for you to look at your toner or ink level from your computer screen.

You can find out the yield of your ink or toner cartridge a number of ways. If you still have the original packaging this is the first and easiest way to find out the yield. It should be noted on the front or side of the container it was packaged in from the manufacturer.

Secondly you could look up the model of your ink or toner cartridge online directly on the manufacturers website. HP for example has a great user interface to find this information.

Many factors can affect the actual yields your ink or toner produces, these can be: 

Printing in grey scale, Double sided printing, Printing Photo’s, Printing in “High Quality” mode.

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Should You Buy or Lease a Photocopier?

You may be a consumer or business that purchases your new printer or multifunction device on a few important features your require and the price of the device. Buying from Office works or Harvey Norman type stores can look like the least expensive option when it comes to buying your new multifunction device or printer. BUT WAIT! There is more to the story then that. The suppliers mentioned above don’t actually service or do repairs to any of the devices they sell and are simply referring faults and defects to the manufacturer without keeping and historical issue & fault data.

Document Services Australia has one of the largest teams of trained consultants and offer unbiased advice on all brands of machines that are the most cost effective and reliable solution for your particular situation.

With the ever-growing amount of options in the photocopier and printer market, keep reading to help gather tips and tricks about purchasing or leasing your new photocopier or printer. 

Ultimately the choice is yours….

But if you find yourself still at the early stages of looking for a new photocopier or printer and are still unsure what device is right for you, call our office and speak with one of our friendly consultants to either help talk you through the selection process or send you a short report to complete to gather a better understanding on your particular printing environment and requirements. Click here to go to our ‘contact” page.

What are the benefits of leasing a photocopier?

In most cases the outlay purchase price of a office device such as a photocopier or multifunction device is daunting. The initial investment, the prospect of the product becoming obsolete in five years time, needing to upgrade or downgrade are some factors why leasing a photocopier or multifunction device is the smart alternative.

Budget: Pay as you use / Pay as you go. This makes great sense in modern day business, as many businesses their earn revenue over time. Paying out a large lump sum, or leasing so you can make small fixed easier manageable monthly payments. Changes in interest rates will not affect your payment; therefore you can now accurately plan your lease payments for your cash flow forecast. The addition of the photocopier or multifunction device can then be compared against cost & projected revenue return.

Tax: Leasing may reduce your tax bill. The lease cost is a deductible business expense, reducing the overall net expense of the equipment. This can be one of the largest factors to help you determine whether to lease or buy. Buyers can claim 40% of the device purchase price against their taxes in the first year and 25% every year thereafter until the outstanding balance has been paid. If you lease you will not have to pay anything for the photocopier initially and may just about reclaim everything.

ROI: A return on your investment. How do you say? Increase productivity; greatly reduce your actual everyday printing costs; automated supplies reducing time wasted on finding, ordering and tracking consumables. 

For more information or to speak with on of our friendly staff about your options please click here to visit our contact page or call 1300 922 260. 


HP Printer Repairs - Local Service Agent

As an independent service provider we strive to stay at the top of our game. We can offer HP (Hewlett Packard) Printer & Photocopier sales and repairs to our clients. Being certified with HP enables us to pass on the savings to our clients through discounted toner and ink pricing and reduced hardware costs. We are excited to share these discounts to all of our locations covering Brisbane, Gold & Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth. Contact us on 1300 922 260 to speak with on of our friendly staff and see how a HP printer or photocopier may save you money on printing costs.

Kyocera Printer & Photocopier Sales, Service & Repairs.

Document Services is a proud authorised Kyocera Platinum Reseller and HP (Hewlett Packard) Gold Reseller and Service provider and offer our services in sales of machines such as colour laser printers, colour photocopiers and wide format printers and also offer repairs, parts and consumables. If you are looking at a Kyocera printer or photocopier call today and speak with on of our friendly staff. Also servicing HP, Brother, Canon, Kyocera, OKI, Xerox, Lexmark, Ricoh, Samsung, Toshiba, Lanier, Konica Minolta, Epson and more. We are now servicing printers and photocopiers on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. 

Printer Repairs Special from $89

Printer repairs and service on all brands including HP (Hewlett Packard), Brother, Canon, Kyocera, OKI, Lexmark and more! Take a look at our Printer Repairs page and look through our locations page to see if the offer applies to a city near you. Our locations include, Brisbane, Sunshine & Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra plus many others. See full details for more information.

HP is aiming its new and upcoming 3-D printer at the business market?

HP will start to ship its first 3-D printers soon, firstly announcing involvement in 2014. Companies may start to cut manufacturing costs by building parts in-house when needed and not worrying about keeping excessive stock. The 3-D printing excitement peaked in 2014, we wonder if HP will make some big plays in 2016.