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HP Printer Repairs - Local Service Agent

As an independent service provider we strive to stay at the top of our game. We can offer HP (Hewlett Packard) Printer & Photocopier sales and repairs to our clients. Being certified with HP enables us to pass on the savings to our clients through discounted toner and ink pricing and reduced hardware costs. We are excited to share these discounts to all of our locations covering Brisbane, Gold & Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth. Contact us on 1300 922 260 to speak with on of our friendly staff and see how a HP printer or photocopier may save you money on printing costs.

HP is aiming its new and upcoming 3-D printer at the business market?

HP will start to ship its first 3-D printers soon, firstly announcing involvement in 2014. Companies may start to cut manufacturing costs by building parts in-house when needed and not worrying about keeping excessive stock. The 3-D printing excitement peaked in 2014, we wonder if HP will make some big plays in 2016.