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Photocopier Buy or Lease?


Should You Buy or Lease a Photocopier?

You may be a consumer or business that purchases your new printer or multifunction device on a few important features your require and the price of the device. Buying from Office works or Harvey Norman type stores can look like the least expensive option when it comes to buying your new multifunction device or printer. BUT WAIT! There is more to the story then that. The suppliers mentioned above don’t actually service or do repairs to any of the devices they sell and are simply referring faults and defects to the manufacturer without keeping and historical issue & fault data.

Document Services Australia has one of the largest teams of trained consultants and offer unbiased advice on all brands of machines that are the most cost effective and reliable solution for your particular situation.

With the ever-growing amount of options in the photocopier and printer market, keep reading to help gather tips and tricks about purchasing or leasing your new photocopier or printer. 

Ultimately the choice is yours….

But if you find yourself still at the early stages of looking for a new photocopier or printer and are still unsure what device is right for you, call our office and speak with one of our friendly consultants to either help talk you through the selection process or send you a short report to complete to gather a better understanding on your particular printing environment and requirements. Click here to go to our ‘contact” page.

What are the benefits of leasing a photocopier?

In most cases the outlay purchase price of a office device such as a photocopier or multifunction device is daunting. The initial investment, the prospect of the product becoming obsolete in five years time, needing to upgrade or downgrade are some factors why leasing a photocopier or multifunction device is the smart alternative.

Budget: Pay as you use / Pay as you go. This makes great sense in modern day business, as many businesses their earn revenue over time. Paying out a large lump sum, or leasing so you can make small fixed easier manageable monthly payments. Changes in interest rates will not affect your payment; therefore you can now accurately plan your lease payments for your cash flow forecast. The addition of the photocopier or multifunction device can then be compared against cost & projected revenue return.

Tax: Leasing may reduce your tax bill. The lease cost is a deductible business expense, reducing the overall net expense of the equipment. This can be one of the largest factors to help you determine whether to lease or buy. Buyers can claim 40% of the device purchase price against their taxes in the first year and 25% every year thereafter until the outstanding balance has been paid. If you lease you will not have to pay anything for the photocopier initially and may just about reclaim everything.

ROI: A return on your investment. How do you say? Increase productivity; greatly reduce your actual everyday printing costs; automated supplies reducing time wasted on finding, ordering and tracking consumables. 

For more information or to speak with on of our friendly staff about your options please click here to visit our contact page or call 1300 922 260.